Our distinctive approach

We work specifically and solely with owner managers – hence, “Your Business”.
We help owner managers to create the future they want for their business and themselves – hence, “Your Future”.
We’re distinctive for two reasons.
Firstly, because we recognise that, in the owner managed business, the business and the individual owner manager are inextricably interlinked. So we blend both conventional business & management learning with a focus on the personal goals, personal ambitions and personal drivers of the owner managers themselves in what we call the ‘Me’ theme. We also look at your leadership style and how it may need to evolve to help realise the future you want for your business and for yourself.
Our second area of distinctiveness is that we’re absolutely focused on ensuring that every owner manager who engages with us gets a great return on their investment by making real improvements in the real world of their business.  So, we’re hugely practical and real – all the time you spend on our programme you will be doing work you know you need to do for your business to thrive, with the challenge and support of our team, our process and your peers to ensure you come up with a strategy & plan that can really be implemented. And we’re so confident that you’ll get a fantastic return on your investment that we now offer a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!*

*Participants in the Better Business Programme and Foundations for Growth who don’t feel they are getting value at any point in the process up to Presentation Day can withdraw from the programme and get a full refund of their fees.