The Better Business Programme

cassRun in partnership with Cass Business School, the Better Business Programme is our flagship programme designed specifically for owner managers who are ambitious to build a better business and create a different and better future for their business and for themselves.


The benefits you achieve from your participation in the Better Business Programme will depend on your particular situation. Typical benefits include:

  • Faster and more managed growth
  • Improved profits
  • Greater clarity over your personal goals and drivers
  • A clear and inspiring vision for the future of your business
  • A clear, comprehensive and robust plan of how you will bring that future about
  • More confidence, more focus, more energy
  • Becoming the leader your business needs you to be
  • A more valuable business
  • Less stress, more time off and more fun!
  • An exit plan.

And we know that businesses which participate in our programmes grow their sales and their profits more quickly than the average smaller business, and grow their sales and their profits more quickly after the programme than they did before.

We’re absolutely passionate about ensuring that each and every participant in the Better Business Programme achieves a great return on their investment by making real improvements in the real world of their business.  In fact, we’re so confident that every participant will achieve a fantastic return on their investment that we offer a money back guarantee.  So, either you get your money back, or you get your money back.

Who is the Better Business Programme for?

If you’re an owner manager of an established business with turnover between about £0.5m and about £20m and you want to build a better future for your business and for you, then the Better Business Programme is for you. Of course, what “better” means for you won’t necessarily be the same as what it means to another ambitious owner manager.  It’s likely to be a combination of some of the following

  • You’re ambitious to grow your business more quickly
  • You’re stuck on a plateau and you’re struggling to take the next step up
  • You’re wondering how to weather the storm and prepare your business for the upturn
  • You want to be more profitable
  • You’re business is growing rapidly and you want to manage it better
  • You have a major strategic opportunity in the next 12 – 18 months and you want to think through how to grasp it
  • You’re facing a major transition point (eg. management succession, or generation succession in a family business) and you want to plan how to manage it
  • You’re beginning to think about an exit or partial change of ownership
  • You’re just too busy fire fighting all the time and have no time to step back and plan the future
  • You feel isolated and you’re looking for informed, independent and objective support
  • You’ve ended up running a business almost by accident, you feel like you’re flying by the seat of your pants and you’d like some assurance.

Whatever combination of these apply to you, the Better Business Programme will help you address these challenges and create the future you want for your business and for you.

How does it work?

The Better Business Programme is built around a unique and hugely successful approach which has been fine tuned since 2005 during which we’ve run the UK’s most successful programmes for ambitious owner managers and helped over 600 owner managers achieve their business and personal ambitions.

Every owner manager who participates in the Better Business Programme wants to create a better future for their business and for themselves,  in the real world of their business.

And that is exactly what we help each participant to do – to make the better future they want actually come about.

During the Better Business Programme, each participant develops their own growth strategy for their own business and a plan to implement it.  It’s your strategy, your plan for your business.  So, it will address your opportunities, your current challenges, your future goals and your ambitions.  And it will be the real strategy and plan of what you’re really going to do.  In fact, everything we do on the Better Business Programme is real, about your business and you.

That’s why we call it a “development programme”, not a “training course”. In this video, Charles Wilson of Lovetts plc, a participant in the Better Business Programme that started in May 2011, explains the difference

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