Business Finance Basics

Most successful business owners and managers have a good grasp of the financial numbers in their business.  And yet, many other owner managers lack a basic understanding of financial management – and some are even a little bit scared of the numbers!

This intensive and interactive day will help you build solid foundations of financial understanding which will help you, your business and your managers to grow in confidence and skill.

The programme is particularly appropriate if:

-          You dread the words  ‘I’d just like to talk to you about your accounts’

-          Your eyes glaze over at the mention of a Balance Sheet (or you aren’t sure what it means!)

-          You hear the words, see the numbers and still wonder what it all means and what you should do about it

-          You hope your bookkeeper and/or accountant have it all under control – and, yet, there’s a little nagging doubt!

At the end of this one-day programme, you will:

-          Better understand financial terminology

-          Know what your key financial reports are, how they need to change and what they mean

-          Be ready to take control of your financial results

-          Be willing to start the conversation ‘I’d just like to talk to you about my accounts’

-          Hopefully, believe that finance can be fun!

The next Business Finance Basics programme will take place in mid September (date TBC) at Cass Business School from 9.30am to 5.30pm.

Fees are £300 + VAT with a special rate available if you are participating in another of our programmes of  £150 + VAT.

To book your place, please contact us or call 01525 261 074.