How to grow fast! Lessons from the 100 fastest growing

We were delighted to work with our partners at Real Business on their Hot 100 for 2012 – the 100 fastest growing independently owned businesses in the UK. Despite the continuing economic uncertainty, these businesses are growing at phenomenal rates and are achieving some remarkable things. So, there are some important lessons for others who are looking to grow fast

-   In tough economic conditions, it helps to be in a “defensive” sector . Businesses in discount retailing, gold trading and provision of bridging loans all feature strongly in the Hot 100

-   Outsourcing has kicked in big time. From procurement to elderly care services, from IT to laundry, smaller businesses are taking on the work formerly done by government and the big corporate sector.

-   Be international. Other areas of the world are growing more rapidly than the UK so, if possible, serve those expanding markets. 77% of the Hot 100 are targeting overseas markets.

-   You don’t have to be the sexiest. Many people assume that fast growth comes from being in a sexy sector and/or having proprietary technology. That certainly helps. And yet, many of the Hot 100 are in very traditional industries. Meat smokers, boat builders, laundries, farmers and publishers all feature.

You can read the full analysis at where you can also read profiles of many of the individual businesses.


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