New insights into entrepreneurs – “The Rebel Entrepreneur” by Jonathan Moules

Many people want to start their own business and there are many books telling you how to go about it. The only trouble is that most of them are simply wrong!  The Rebel Entrepreneur by Financial Times journalist Jonathan Moules explains why, in many cases, the received wisdom on entrepreneurship just isn’t the best way of doing things.

As you may know, businesses we’ve worked with are often featured in Jonathan’s FT columns and our MD, Gerard Burke, is a regular contributor providing comments and advice to owner managers. The Rebel Entrepreneur gathers together many of the insights from Jonathan’s columns and offers an unconventional view of what it’s really like starting and growing a business.  It challenges much of the received wisdom, perpetuated by the likes of Dragons’ Den, and provides examples to demonstrate the reality for today’s owner managers.   Many of these examples are owner managers who’ve participated in programmes we’ve run over the last eight years and they illustrate how to grow even in tough times including:

- Why you should have a plan – and not always stick to it!
- There’s nothing wrong with learning from the ideas of others
- Why, if things get tough, you should put your prices up
- How cutting costs can kill your business.

Gerard, who is quoted extensively throughout the book, says, “The vast majority of owner managers have always felt that their reality is somewhat different to what is often portrayed in the media.  It’s great that Jonathan has offered a more realistic view.   In particular, he picks up the idea of being distinctive – one of our Seven Pillars of a Better Business – and explores it from a number of perspectives.  The result is a compelling and engaging book which is full of great insights and fascinating stories.”

And, as one owner manager who, as a result of reading the book, contacted us and is planning on participating in the next Better Business Programme, says, “I read a lot of business books and this book has by far become my number 1 recommended read. It is full of real life case studies of various businesses… excellent book.”


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