There are five simple truths about what we do:

1. Our suite of programmes are designed specifically for ambitious owner managers and their businesses, because we only work with people like you. And we don’t call them courses

2. They help you focus on the future you want for YOU. In the owner managed business, the business and the individual owner manager are inextricably interlinked.  So, we blend conventional business and management ideas with a unique approach that helps owner managers to articulate their personal goals, personal ambitions and personal drivers FIRST, and then work out what that means for how they grow and shape the future of their business.

3. They are REAL and PRACTICAL. Although we work in partnership with Cass Business School on our flagship programmes, our approach is not academic or theoretical. The ideas and approaches we introduce are ONLY worth something if they can be applied to your business, and that’s exactly what the programmes help you to do. That’s why we call them programmes rather than courses. Charles Wilson, a current participant of the Better Business Programme, explains the difference in the video below.

4. They give you access to investment. Through our partnership with Cass Business School, participants in our Better Business Programme and Foundations for Growth can apply for investment funding from the Cass Entrepreneurs’ Fund.

5. We’re absolutely passionate about ensuring that each and every owner manager who engages with us gets a great return on their investment by making real improvements in the real world of their business. In fact, we’re so confident that participants will achieve a great return on their investment that we offer a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on the Better Business Programme and Foundations for Growth.

Here’s an overview of the programmes we run:

The Better Business Programme is a sophisticated development programme for owner managers of established businesses, with turnovers between £0.5 million and £20 million who want to take their business to the next level.

Foundations for Growth is for owner managers of early stage businesses, or businesses with turnovers of less than £0.5 million who want to put in place firm foundations to allow their business to grow.

The Manager’s Toolkit is designed specifically for other managers in owner managed businesses, whether they are experienced or new to a management role.  The programme helps your managers develop the tools and skills to perform to their full potential and do what you need them to do to achieve the different and better future that you want for your business and for you.

Customised in-company programmes are designed specifically to meet the challenges that your particular business is facing.  Each one is bespoke, so all we need from you is a brief.

The Better Business Club is an ongoing mentoring and networking group focused on helping you implement your growth strategy and plan, and navigate your way through the day to day challenges of running your business.