The Manager’s Toolkit


The future you want for your business and for you will come about through the implementation of your strategies and plans. And, that means people and managers in your business doing things differently and better on a day-to-day basis.

So, helping your managers to develop the tools and skills to perform to their full potential, and do what you need them to do, is vital to you fulfilling your personal goals and ambitions.

Quite simply, the better your managers perform, the better your business will be.

And, that’s precisely why we’ve designed The Manager’s Toolkit (TMT).

TMT is specifically designed to help your managers develop the skills they need to help you create the future you want for your business and for you.

Key components

In designing TMT, we’ve taken into account two key principles

  • The benefit to you of your managers participating in any development programme comes as a result of them doing things differently and better when they get back to the real world of your business. Therefore, we have focused TMT on helping participants develop skills rather than simply acquire knowledge
  • The areas where most managers need to develop their skills are
    • Taking a broader strategic view of the business, looking forwards and outwards
    • Understanding the customer and why they buy from your business
    • Mastering the financial elements of managing the business
    • And, particularly, managing other people.

TMT covers all the above areas of management with a particular emphasis on managing people.

TMT consists of two modules each lasting two days. The modules are entitled Managing People Effectively and Managing the Business Effectively.

In both modules, the participants will be introduced to new ideas and then have an immediate opportunity to apply those new ideas to the real world of your business. The programme is highly interactive and practical, focused on the specific outcomes and development needs of the individual which will be agreed in advance.

In between the modules and after the programme, participants will be working on implementing new ideas in order to achieve immediate benefits.

Managing People Effectively (MPE) helps each participant to:

  • Develop greater awareness of their own personality, behaviour and style and how that might differ from others
  • Identify their management and leadership strengths and areas to work on
  • Enhance their communication skills including: listening and questioning skills, giving and receiving feedback, impact and influencing skills
  • Manage the dynamics of teams more effectively.

Managing the Business Effectively (MBE) helps each participant to:

  • Develop their ability to analyse the external market and competitive landscape
  • Identify opportunities to maximize relationships with customers
  • Enhance their understanding of the sales process.
  • Develop their ability to interpret basic financial information and consider the financial implications of their decisions.

At the end of each module, each participant will develop a personal action plan identifying what they are going to do differently and better to contribute to the implementation of your strategy.

For maximum benefit, a participant should take part in both modules.  At the same time, if you have managers who only need to develop skills in one of these two areas, then they can participate in either one of the modules independently.


By participating in TMT, your managers will

  • Be more confident in their own role and capability
  • Manage other people more effectively thus helping them to perform to their full potential
  • Contribute more strategically across the business as a whole rather than simply within their own role
  • Have a common language of business and management that is focused around your strategy and plan
  • Develop a network of people who work in businesses with similar challenges and opportunities

As a result, your managers will be better able to do what you need them to do, your strategy and plan is more likely to be implemented successfully and the future you want for your business and for you is more likely to come about.

And, like all our programmes, we will do everything we possibly can to ensure that you achieve an immediate return on your investment.

Who is it for?

The Manager’s Toolkit is designed specifically for managers in owner managed businesses, whether they are experienced managers or new to a management role.


To book places for your managers, e-mail us on and we’ll send you a booking form.

For more information

To find our more about The Manager’s Toolkit and how it can help your people to help you, contact Gerard Burke on 01525 261 074 or